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   The Theatre  
After the collapse of the “Teatro dei Nobili” in 1798, between 1812 and 1815 a new theatre was built in Vercelli, with four tiers, designed by the architect Nicola Nervi. The new theater opening was in 1815 with the Master Carlo Coccia two acts work “Evelina” and with the six-acts half-serious ballet “Federico Re di Prussia”. In 1842 the Vercelli city council bought this new theater and made it the “Civic Theater”. In 1855 it has been one of the first theaters in Piedmont to have gas lighting.

On 6th of August 1923 it was burned-out by a fire. In 1929 started the re-building works. The new project was made by the engineers Guido Allorio and Paolo Verzone and the architect Giuseppe Rosso. The theater was re-built with a huge stalls area and just one tier. The building was completed in 1831 and on October 28th the theater was inaugurated with Giuseppe Verdi’s “Aida”. But only in the ‘60s the partnership with the “Teatro Stabile” of Turin brought on a upper level the the theatrical productions. In 2010 the Theater had his gates closed for 6 moths and reopened the on December 3rd of the that year with a Gipo Farassino’s show.

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